Warm body, cold knees

So – we headed up to Sydney from Canberra this weekend (just under 300kms) for a family birthday celebration. It was fantastic! Lovely weekend catching up with everyone… and with less than two months now until we depart on *the big trip*, these family get togethers are even more special.

It was also an opportunity to test out the newly customised bike seats – and our heated gear! A jacket for Adrian, and jacket and gloves for me.

Gear-wise, I’d rate the trip as mostly successful… although it looks like Adrian will need some more customisation on his custom seat. It was ok for the first hour or so, but then apparently it kept tipping him forwards. Mine was good… I didn’t actually notice it, which I’m thinking is a good thing! Especially seeing that I did notice that the old seat was rather uncomfortable.

Heated jackets are amazing! They make a huge difference… and also provided a nice flashback to being very young, when mum used to heat the bath towels for us before we got out of the bath. She’d then wrap each of us up in a lovely warm towel and give us a big hug. Heated jackets are just like that – bliss! One thing they don’t help with though, are cold knees. Hmm… will definitely be going the thermals and water/windproof pants over my bike jeans next time it gets down to 2 degrees or thereabouts. Hopefully my icebreaker leggings arrive soon!

One thought on “Warm body, cold knees

  1. Ohhhh how I remember those delightful warm towels sis … I’m still not convinced that the warming drawer was designed for towels tho …fire hazard anyone?? 😉

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