Let the holidays begin…

Wednesday was my last day at work until 2014. I can hardly believe it! This trip has been coming for so long.. it feels surreal that it’s finally almost here. The house is packed up, the out of office message is on and in four days I’ll be in Anchorage with Adrian! Wow. What a different a day makes – or a year, for that matter…!

So.. I’m on holidays and am already having a lovely time. I’ve taken my Grandmother for morning tea, lunched and dinnered with friends, been for a run around Blackwattle Bay and have had an excellent Balmain coffee… and it’s only been just over 24 hours!!!

Nanna drinking tea

Morning tea with nan at her local cafe

One of my big things is gratitude – and right now I’m feeling pretty grateful for a number of things. For the fact that I have been given leave from a job I really like to do this trip – and for my smart, engaged, positive colleagues and boss, who help make my job so rewarding. For my family, who are so important to me – and for the fact we’ve got a few days to just hang out before I take off. For my friends, who are absolute rockstars. And of course for having a boyfriend with a similar spirit of adventure and desire to be an active participant in life.

So yup – feeling pretty grateful right now!

While I’ve been finishing up at work, Adrian has been in the US riding from Anchorage up to Prudhoe Bay on Alaska’s north coast. The weather has apparently been lovely – and the mosquitoes ginormous. I’ve heard they hunt in packs… which presumably I’ll see for myself when I get to Anchorage on Monday night!

One thought on “Let the holidays begin…

  1. of course, Ruthie and I are nothing but green with envy for the gal who gets to say “see you in 2014”! go well, go safe!

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