Montana – and more national parks

Adrian and his GSA r1200 next to a row of Harley Davidson motorbikes

Adrian with his cousins

5 August – Day 14

Great Falls, Montana to Red Lodge, Montana
Distance: 449kms

Red Lodge is one of those very picturesque towns where the houses all have manicured lawns, the buildings in the downtown area are adorned with flowerboxes brimming with purple and pink, and the local ladies all have nice, well set hair.

Yet, scratch the surface – according to the concierge of the motel where we’re staying tonight – and there’s a Very. Different. Picture. Oh yes – a small local population, multiple personalities vying for town mayor, the school’s ladies’ auxiliary committee being a law unto itself.. and more.

So – things are not always as they seem.

Unlike today’s ride, which was pretty much exactly as it seemed: farmland, then more farmland. Wheat, then cattle, then wheat. It wasn’t all that interesting really. It got up above 30 degrees C though – the first time since Adrian was at the Arctic Circle; and the first time since I’ve been away. It’s a little strange to think that the only time it’s been this hot was in the Arctic! No wonder the ice is melting. Needless to say, I was pretty keen to strip the two liners from my jacket and open all air vents.

It was also very windy… we were being buffeted all over the place! The wind kept catching under Adrian’s helmet, snapping his head back like a hippo in that ‘Hungry Hippos’ game, when there’s only one ball left and everyone is going crazy  to get it.

Red Lodge is full of Harleys tonight; I call them Adrian’s cousins (a ‘brother’ would be a BMW rider). They’re all on their way to Sturgis. For those from Canberra… think Summernats on steroids and for motorbikes.

Adrian ate Elk for the first time at dinner… apparently, it’s nice!

4 August – Day 13

Whitefish, Montana to Great Falls, Montana
Distance: 351 kms

We rode through Glacier National Park today. I haven’t written it up… suffice to say it was stunning!!

Mountain in Glacier National Park

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

Lauren standing next to a snow floe

Snow near the road, Glacier National Park

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