Moab – wow!

Lauren standing next to an off road vehicle

Off-road vehicle-ing in Moab

10 August – Day 19

Distance: 0 kms

I have never, ever seen Adrian’s knuckles look as white as they did today!! He was sitting in the front passenger seat while I was driving an off road vehicle (a souped up ATV) up and down rocks (read: cliffs) in Arches National Park that were, in places, multiple storeys high and as steep as my legs are skinny. And if you know me, you know – despite my best efforts to get some tone etc running around Lake Burley Griffin – that I’ve got some pretty skinny legs!!

It was a bit of a change for Adrian, being in the passenger seat.. and I’m not sure he liked it! To be fair, being in the passenger seat was scary at times… Being in the driver’s seat though – wow! It was fantastic. The off road vehicle we were in is illegal in Australia; we have smaller/less powerful ATVs instead. For a few moments, I did have my ‘Captain Safety’ hat on… but hey, we were wearing seat belts and the ORVs had roll over protection, so I figured we ‘d be fine. And… I’m not at all a rev head, but it was excellent!! I can really understand why people like them.

Speaking of Captain Safety – I noticed some very nice, completely cordless roman blinds in a hotel a few nights ago. A much better option than the cordless variety.

Anyway, back to the ORVs: we were on them for a couple of hours, including our second sunset in the desert. It really is just breathtaking how the colours change. It was also a great opportunity to see parts of the desert that are inaccessible to cars/motorbikes. The fossilised dinosaur footprints were pretty cool.

Earlier in the day, Adrian mountainbiked ‘Slick Rock’ – which is one of the more famous mountain bike trails in the world – and I did yoga.

All in all, it was an excellent day off the bike!

inside a quadbike going down a rock face

Quadbiking in Moab

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