Flouncing down: a self-indulgent habit of first worlders

Adrian standing with BMW r1200 GSA in foyer of hotel

Beamsky and Adrian in the foyer of our hotel in Durango.

August 20 – Day 29

Parral, Mexico to Durango, Mexico
Distance: 413kms

We hightailed it out of Parral as soon as we were up and packed. As per yesterday’s post – there wasn’t much keeping us there! Durango though – even driving through the city to our hotel, we were both smiling. Finally – a city in Mexico that we knew we’d really enjoy. The ‘why’ is somewhat awkward or elitist or something to admit: it’s because we’re first world people who like first world things… such as cafes and restaurants. In the north central Mexican cities we’ve been through so far (where we’ve been the only gringos aka non Mexicans we’ve seen), the people have not had the luxury – neither of time nor money – to flounce down on their backsides and pay a premium to have someone else bring them food or drinks they could prepare at home for half (or a quarter – or maybe even less) the price. So there just haven’t been any cafes or restaurants or bars for us to hang out in. Hanging out – it’s a self indulgent habit of middle class first worlders. People like us. Readers of this blog. Who might even be sipping on a latte or chardonnay while reading this. It’s good to keep in mind and acknowledge every now and then; a reality check of sorts.. our ‘reality,’ although real to us, is not universal.

We had a first in Durango.. parking the bike aka Beamsky in the lobby of a hotel! As in literally in the foyer. I’d read on other blogs that many hotels in Central and South America do that – ie offer secure motorcycle parking in the foyer – but we were yet to experience it. Until today! It was kind of strange, riding the bike through the doors and parking it in the atrium in the centre of the foyer. I was also pretty happy that, with my 100-odd word Spanish vocab, plus hand gestures, I was able to confirm that they had motorbike parking, find out how/where to drive into the lobby, check in and get the wifi password. It’s amazing that you can communicate so much with so little.

Road works blocking the road

Another day, another detour… somewhere on the road between Creel and Parral, waiting at road works.


19 August – Day 28 (four weeks on the road!)

Creel, Mexico to Parral, Mexico
Distance: 343kms

Today was really just a transit day. We toyed with the idea of pushing on to our next stop, but after Adrian had to fight through the school pick up / city centre traffic for about 45 minutes, totally frying his concentration, we decided actually that we’d be better off calling it a day early. It’s not worth pushing it – and we can start fresh again tomorrow. That, and the fact we’d been on the bike for 6 hours already.

The motel we’re in… well… suffice to say that it’s the first motel I’ve stayed at where they display condoms for sale behind the check-in desk.

I suspect we’ll be out of here pretty early in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Flouncing down: a self-indulgent habit of first worlders

  1. Love the foyer parking! And I”ll remember to savor my flouncing at the next opportunity. Enjoying your entertaining blogs.

  2. Hats (and helmets) off to you for recognizing how fortunate a small percentage of us are when compared to a huge portion of the world. Carry that humbling perspective and you’ll always be great ambassadors. Onward!

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