Old men with guitars

Adrian being serenaded by three cute old guys

Adrian being serenaded by three cute old guys

27 August – Day 36

Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Distance: 0kms

A full day off the bike, in a beachside town – and it was grey and rainy for pretty much all day. Boo!

Still, a day off is not to be wasted, so we were off to the old town for coffee after breakfast where I entertained myself for the better part of an hour by listening to the three Americans sitting behind us discussing the trials and tribulations of owning a slice of paradise in Playa Ventura – and how difficult it is to find a local person able to maintain the property to the standard they’d like while they’re not there. You know, like sweep any bugs outside, check that the power is still working etc etc. That was their big issue for the day. And other than a brief interlude when Adrian was serenaded by three cute old gentlemen with guitars, I just couldn’t stop listening.

After a while, we’d had enough and so wandered down to one of the main beaches here… it was beautiful. We’ve spent a little while along the Mexican coast now, and this is the first beach that we’ve actually wanted to swim at. Up until today, the sea has been an angry, white, frothy soup full of rips and cross currents so strong that waves smash into each other – perpendicular to the beach. I think it’s because of the monsoon; apparently the beaches are lovely at other times of the year. Not at the moment though, that’s for sure. Until today! Even with the grey sky and drizzle, the warm water and smooth, calm ocean called to us.

Grilled mahi mahi - it was so fresh and super delicious.. mmm..

Grilled mahi mahi – it was so fresh and super delicious.. mmm..

Then, as we were walking out to the break through the shallows, we saw a stingray close by. And another one. Suddenly we were hyperconscious of every step, trying to check the sand before putting each foot down. Steve Irwin came to mind. And we got out of the water.

Instead, we got a massage on the beach,  drank coconut water straight from coconuts and were sung to again. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Speaking of lovely… dinner was one of the nicest meals we’ve had in Mexico so far, in a bistro we thought was casual but turned out to be fine dining of the ‘white linen serviettes and table cloths/waiters pull your chair out for you’ variety. The food was excellent and the staff super friendly. We were the only people in the restaurant and our waiter was really interested in what we were doing, so we talked quite a bit about the trip… which made me feel a little uncomfortable when he’d told us that his motorbike was broken but he couldn’t afford to get it fixed, so he could only getting it going with a downhill start. Meanwhile, we’re galavanting through the Americas. And he’s one of the lucky ones, with a job, a couple of languages and the ability to afford his own transport. The wealth disparity is just so in your face here – it’s a constant reminder about my own good fortune.. to have been born where I was, to have received an excellent education.. and so much more. It’s a very grounding experience.

2 thoughts on “Old men with guitars

  1. Hmm, so I just commented but it seems to have disappeared… Anyway, gist of it was that I am LOVING your blog, Lauren – you write so well, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write a post in response, but please know I eagerly read each post, and then await the next instalment of your adventures – keep ’em coming! xx

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