Last day in Mexico

Lauren at Tenam Puente (ancient Mayan ruins)

Mayan ruins – Tenam Puente (just outside of Comitan)

4 September – Day 44

Comitan, Mexico
Distance: 0kms

We spent the morning at some incredible Mayan ruins just outside the city. They were equally expansive as the ones we visited a few days ago – as well as being more authentic and not at all touristy… we were the only ones there! If you want to see Mayan ruins in southern Mexican, these are the ones to visit. We’d only really expected to spend maybe half an hour here, but ended up wandering around for well over an hour. Meanwhile, the bike was being closely watched by a security guard – so Adrian was happy!

From there, we went to the El Chiflon waterfall. Adrian had really been looking forward to this… and if we were here at another time of year – ie not on the middle of the monsoon!!! – then I’m sure it would have been absolutely spectacular. As it was, I was still pretty impressed… a massive waterfall cascading down to another waterfall, to another one – with beautiful pools in between each waterfall. However because of the monsoon, the water was decidedly muddy brown, and the pools too flooded and too fast flowing to even consider swimming.

We got back to the hotel later than expected so decided to just stay another day here rather than push across the border to Guatemala in the afternoon. We weren’t sure how long the border crossing could take, and didn’t really feel like riding through the afternoon storm. It’s been raining pretty heavily every afternoon. So… one more night in Mexico…and tomorrow morning it’s off to Guatemala!!!

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