A day of highlights

View from cabana down across the town to the coast

The view from our cabana in San Juan del Sur

19 September – Day 59

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Distance: 0kms

Today was a day of highlights.

The first highlight for me today was getting some washing done. Seriously. I know that sounds like a strange thing to consider a highlight, but when you’ve only got two t-shirts, when you don’t always stop somewhere for long enough to get washing done and dried, and when every day is hot and steamingly humid, the thought of a freshly washed shirt is definitely something to be excited about. For me, and presumably anyone and everyone I happen to walk past on any given day.

The second highlight was the discovery of a combined bookshop-café. My favourite! With excellent, excellent books and organic shade grown in-house roasted Arabica coffee from the proprietors’ very own coffee plantation located just up the road. And delicious smoothies.

The third highlight was getting my legs waxed by a woman who knew what she was doing. Again, a leg wax generally isn’t something to particularly celebrate… but when your last leg wax in Central America took almost a hour, included at least 20 minutes of the waxer individually and painfully tweezing hairs with unnecessarily sharp tweezers AND left you with legs almost as hairy as they were before you walked in to the joint, a good wax somehow seems more valuable.

The fourth highlight was an excellent dinner at a restaurant just down the hill from our cabana. The restaurant had its own generator. This was a highlight in and of itself given that the power went out at 4pm and didn’t come back on until about 10.30pm. It was our fourth blackout in four days.

Tomorrow we’re off into Costa Rica – I’m looking forward to seeing how it compares with Nicaragua (which I’ve really liked).

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