Back on the beach

Town square in Granada

Granada, Nicaragua. And yes – those are storm clouds in the background! And yes – as a result, we were drenched.

18 September- Day 58

Managua, Nicaragua to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Distance: 219kms

Adrian was feeling a bit better in the morning – so although the lovely Reyna (Salvador’s mum) insisted we stay if he was still sick, we decided to pack up and head for San Juan del Sur. It was a pretty easy drive (by Central American standards) and included a nice little stop in Granada – a Spanish colonial town.

We made it to San Juan del Sur by mid-afternoon… which was perfect timing for a walk on the beach! We stayed in a lovely little cabana on a hill just above the town with an amazing view out to sea… very nice.

San Juan has a smallish and well-kept town centre and seems to be a bit of a ‘gringos in residence’ town as well as a tourist destination. It’s apparently just around the corner from the beach used in ‘Survivor Nicaragua’.

The key feature of the town is really the beach – and it was lovely. It’s renowned for spectacular sunsets right over the water. We didn’t really experience that as there were too many clouds (have I mentioned that we’re travelling in the monsoon season?!)… however from the dusty pink, the purple and the orange hues I could just make out as the sun set, I’m sure at other times of the year it truly is amazing.

After a very light snack (for Adrian) and a normal dinner (for me), we called it a day… although significantly improved, Adrian was still on the flaky side and in need of an early night.

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