On the Caribbean coast now!

24 September – Day 64

Siquirres, Costa Rica to Puerto Viaje, Costa Rica
Distance: 119kms

Today I dipped my toes in the Caribbean.  It was lovely! You can tell we’re on the Caribbean and not the Pacific ocean side of the country, because all of a sudden there seem to be Rastafarians, reggae music and Bob Marley t-shirts everywhere. In no more than a couple of hundred kilometres – the country has changed! We got in early and took our time finding some accommodation…  although it’s low season, quite a few of the places aren’t prepared to negotiate on their prices at all. It’s strange really – we saw afterwards that one of the cabana places Adrian went to is offering a 30% discount for bookings over the internet… but wasn’t prepared to offer a real life, here right now potential guest any discount at all!! The plan is to have a couple of days here before heading into Panama and then shipping the bike across the Darien Gap to Columbia.

Puerto Viaje is mostly a ‘hippie tourist’ town with lots of yoga studios, retreat centres etc. Happily, that means they have yoga classes – and soy milk! It is very, very hot and they are low on water here… so low, that in the toilet cubicle at a cafe where we first stopped, the owner had put up a sign urging people to flush only when really, truly necessary.

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