Tall wax palms in Colombia

Very tall wax palm trees

Some of the trees in the wax palm forest

8 October – Day 78

Salento, Colombia to Cali, Colombia
Distance: 207kms

We visited the Corcora forest just after a big breakfast at the BnB of scrambled eggs, white toast and cheese (not my number one favourite breakfast…). The trees were pretty impressive! Apparently they are the tallest palm trees in the world. My little snotball was too sniffy to do the hike through the forest, so we rode around for a while and went for a short walk just admiring the view before heading back to the BnB, packing up the bike and taking off for Cali. It was a good time to be heading to Cali, where they have a BMW dealership, because on the way one of Beamsky’s warning lights came on… there was apparently an issue with the ABS. It wasn’t hugely worrying, as we haven’t had to use the ABS yet… but it’s also one of those things that you want to have ready and working for when you need it!

Anyway, our hostel – which is owned by a Colombian overland biker who leads people on bike tours around the country – was conveniently near the BMW shop so after we arrived, Adrian headed back there to get the issue sorted. They didn’t have the part in stock.. so the took it off the brand new R1200GSA they had on the showroom floor and installed it on Beamsky, and said that they could just order a new part for their display bike! They also replaced the part under the BMW warranty, pretty good service really.

7 October – Day 77

Medellin, Colombia to Salento, Colombia
Distance: 280kms

Today was mostly a riding day as we continue our journey south through Colombia. The traffic was better than it had been on the way to Medellin and the roads slightly less crazy… but honestly, they are SO CRAZY that slightly less still means that buses overtake trucks on blind corners, roadworks appear out of nowhere, and two-lane roads are treated as 3-4 lanes.

Salento is a little town most famous because the Corcora Palm Forest is nearby. We got in too late to see the palms today; so they’re on the cards for tomorrow morning.

I found a pretty cheap BnB walking distance from the town centre, so after we checked in and unloaded our gear off the bike, we walked up to the town square and then up a number of stairs to a local lookout. The view over the valley was amazing!

Adrian aka ‘my little snotball’ is feeling a bit better but is still sneezing and sniffing like crazy.

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