Adrian does some switchbacks on his own

A blue lake surrounded by mountains

Laguna Paron at 4170m above sea level in the Peruvian mountains

20 October – Day 90

Caraz, Peru to Huaraz, Peru
Distance: 70kms

The weather was lovely this morning, so Adrian jumped on the bike on his own to head up 75 switchbacks and a vertical rise of 2kms all on 32kms of dirt road. Jeremy and I did just under two hours of interval training in the courtyard of the hotel where we’d camped for the night. It was excellent! I’ve been doing some form of exercise – even if it’s just a bit of stretching – most days on the trip so far, but never for this long and usually by myself. It was great! And… I know I’ll feel sore tomorrow.

We finally got going after a lunch in the town centre and probably managed about 30 minutes before the rains came. After that, it was a long, boring, wet ride with limited visibility through cold air. That said, inside my heated jacket I was lovely and warm – and dry.

Just as we arrived at our hostel, the heavens really opened up. It bucketed down! Huaraz is supposed to be a lovely little town with lots of hiking and other outdoor activities, but all I saw was a bleak grey sky. Even after the rains eased off and we walked into town for dinner, it just wasn’t that impressive.

On our way to dinner, we stopped to help a stranded overlander, Tim from the US, on a BMW 1200. He was on his way out of town this morning, stopped for breakfast, and then couldn’t start his bike. He’d been by the side of the road all day trying to fix it. Apparently it was the battery; Adrian and Jeremy played around with it for a while without any luck and so decided to go back and get “the mothership” aka Beamsky aka Adrian’s bike and see if they could use it to jump start Tim’s bike. No luck. So then Adrian took the battery out of Beamsky so Tim could ride back to the hostel where he’d been staying, and then walk back with the battery so Adrian could ride back to our hostel.. and then we all went for dinner.

A narrow windy road through the mountains

That skinny light brown ribbon is actually the road.. some of the many switchbacks Adrian enjoyed!

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