Back to the beach

Sunset over the beach

On the beach in Huanchaco

18 October – Day 88

Piura, Peru to Huanchaco, Peru
Distance: 417kms

We had a lateish start this morning because last night an ATM ate one of Jeremy’s cards, and he wanted to go to the bank when it opened at 9am to see if he could get it back… which unfortunately wasn’t possible. Luckily he has other cards; he made the schoolboy error of entering the wrong pin three times.

The road was mostly flat and straight all day… so although it was boring riding for the drivers, at least it meant we were able to clock over the kms faster than we’ve been able to do in a while. The biggest issue was the trucks/buses/utes driving on our side of the road… the common theme amongst drivers here is that they really aren’t in a hurry to get back onto their side of the road even once they’ve seen us.

Huanchaco is a beachside town with a pretty good beginner-intermediate surf break, so although it’s off season, there were some gringo surfers there – the first (other) westerners we’ve seen for a while. After rejecting our first offer of accommodation ($3 pp for what was literally a squat), we decided to camp. It was great – nice to be back using our camping gear; and nice to know we’ve been schlepping it all this way for good reason!

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