A leg wax in Arequipa - very patchy green wax!

Possibly the strangest leg wax I’ve had…

31 October – Day 101

Arequipa, Peru
Distance: 0kms

I am starting to think that women in Central and South America don’t get their legs waxed. Although it’s risky to generalise based on what may possibly be isolated experiences, after another highly unsatisfactory experience I can’t actually come to any other conclusion.

This was so bizarre that I had to take a photo of it. When Adrian poked his head into the tiny room I was in to pass me my camera for the picture on this blog post, he asked quizzically what happens to the bits between the wax. What happens indeed. Just call me patchwork legs!!! Other than not actually being effective, there were a few other issues with this waxing experience. Firstly, on several occasions the wax was too hot and actually burnt my legs (to the extent that I now have two little burn scabs in places). Secondly, any wax left on my legs after the lady ripped it was scratched off by her fingernails. So I also have scratches on my legs (and even then she didn’t get it all!!!!). Thirdly, she’d apply the wax, rip it off, then chuck it back into the pot. I don’t know how many other times she’d done this, for other people… but suffice to say that at the end I had hair stuck to parts of my legs that wasn’t there to begin with – and wasn’t mine. Bleh. And finally, at the ‘conclusion’ of the process, she sprayed both legs with metho… rather a painful experience when you’ve got fresh burns!

Anyway, just so you know – I had bought some DIY wax strips previously so was able to finish the job / unpatchwork myself after we got back to the hostel…!!

That aside, I really like Arequipa – or at least the Arequipa Old Town. It reminds me of Europe with its lovely big square, cobblestones and cute buildings. Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru (after Lima) and it’s clear that there is local wealth here… although there are shops and cafes catering to tourists, I also saw several locals having breakfast meetings over coffee in one of the cafes etc… something simultaneously very familiar to me and yet something I’ve not seen for a while.

I was surprised at the extent of the Halloween celebrations here… we went for a walk after dinner and the streets and the main square were absolutely packed. It was literally shoulder to shoulder the whole way.. or shoulder to elbow, in Adrian’s case. I think people thought at first that his Halloween ‘outfit’ was some form of stilts…!!

(By Adrian: Sorry to everyone for Lauren’s expose on leg waxing – Arequipa was actually more interesting than that!!!)

On the main square in Arequipa

On the main square in Arequipa

View across the Arequipa skyline to snow-capped mountains

The view from the roof top terrace of our hostel


4 thoughts on “Yeouch!!!

  1. Was starting to think there was a mandatory report warranted here…but sounds like the problems were with the service, not the product. PS is like the Hotel California…check out any time…etc. Your report gave me a laugh!

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