Bike update

22 November – Day 115

Bariloche, Argentina
Distance: 0kms

Well, we had the very sad task this morning of sorting through our goods and chattels to determine what we no longer needed and could therefore send with the bike on a truck to Buenos Aires later today. The news from the mechanic wasn’t good… basically, when the thieves cut Beamsky’s wires they also shorted the bike’s computer. The bike won’t work without a new computer, and there’s just no quick fix or band aid solution to get around it and get us down to Ushuaia. The computer – basically the bike’s heart and brain – is a very specialised part which has to be ordered from Germany… and it takes 45 days to get to Buenos Aires.

So – the bike part of the trip is now officially, definitely over.

We need to be in BA when the bike arrives so we can liaise with the BMW shop there as well as our insurance company to work out the best way forward in terms of repairs etc… however because it’s a long weekend in Argentina, the bike won’t get to BA (1600kms away) until Tuesday. We’re looking at our options – either fly to BA or hire a car here and make a road trip of it… albeit one where Kevlar jeans and leather gloves are not required!

We then need to fly down to Ushuaia from BA to make the start of our Antarctica cruise! Yup, we’re going to Antarctica for 11 days on the “Sea Explorer”. We can’t wait… and it’s definitely been nice to have something to look forward to after the hassles of the last few days. It means that the trip will end nicely, which is good!

With everything that’s happened with the bike, and the fact that we now don’t need time after the cruise to ride the bike back up to Buenos Aires but will have to fly instead, I have been trying to bring our flights forward to so we can be home for Christmas. No luck, unfortunately – the best Qantas could offer was a change fee of $1500 each!!! Which is just too much. So… if anyone knows of someone in the ‘special considerations’ section at Qantas who would be willing and able to move us to an earlier flight, please let me know!!!

Thanks to everyone for your good vibes… we really appreciate it. Although we’re both obviously very disappointed, it only takes a quick scan of the newspaper to remind us that we’re actually doing pretty well; that we’re lucky enough to be healthy, to be travelling and to have the means to get home.

17 thoughts on “Bike update

  1. Great attitude. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Antarctica sounds attractive. Hope you can make it home a little earlier. So sorry about the bike but you’re right, so much to be happy about.

    • Thanks Simon… you’ll have to show your girls where Antarctica is on their placemats and tell them we’ll be watching penguin babies hatch out of eggs!!! See you in a few weeks…

  2. The rest of your trip sounds like fun, too. Have enjoyed reading about your adventures (anxiously looking forward to every one of your posts). So sad about Beamsky, who carried you two a very long ways practically flawlessly. Good luck and safe travels to you both. Hoping to read about your future adventures.

  3. Dear Lauren
    Have been folowing your adventure with great interest and saddened and very sorry to hear of the mongrel act – no other way to describe it – which has been done to you and Adrian. I guess you’d like to get your hands on them! In a way I suppose you’ve done well to escape unscathed until now but that doesn’t make the situation any better. As always your positive attitude and approach is to the fore and will see you both through. Wow, Antarctica – can’t wait to hear first hand about that! Take care and enjoy the rest of the adventure. Much love, Ron and Roberta.

    • Hi Ron and Roberta
      Thanks – it’s been disappointing but we’ve been focussing instead on what we’ve done on the trip so far – and what’s still to come, with Antarctica!
      Hope to see you sometime next year..
      Lauren x

  4. So sorry to hear about the bike. Such sad news especially after the amazing adventures & experiences you’ve both shared. All the best for the Antarctica cruise. Have you tweeted Qantas or posted on FB with a link to your blog? You never know if someone in the social media area might be able to help.

  5. Really sorry to hear about the bike Lauren, but you have to admit that the trip has been a fantastic ride so far and there’s more to come. Antarctica will be wonderful. You both did really well to make it so far. When you look back on it in a couple of years it will just be a little hiccup in the trip of a lifetime!
    PS check with your travel insurance – they may pay the Qantas change fee.

    Best wishes


  6. Hi Lauren, so sorry to hear about the bike but so pleased you and Adrian are okay. Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip. Jill

  7. Can’t believe your bike adventures ended like this! I’ve been really enjoying hearing about them. I am sure you will have lots more by car, aeroplane and boat before you make it back here. Safe travels xx

  8. What a bummer! But must say, that unexpected trip to A/A sure is a sweetener. We must compare photos, you being there at the beginning of the season, and we at the end. Should be a great difference in the size of the penguin chicks! Good luck (and calm seas for the crossing) for the rest of the trip! Can’t wait to give you a great big hug.

  9. Hello from Huacho Peru. What a nightmare. We feel your pain. We were just feeling we were being too anal with bike security, but i guess not. We are so sorry they killed the ride for now, but you will have a great trip in Antartica for sure! We will be in Ushuia, but not until about Jan 25 th.

    Best of luck with the airlines

    Sara & Daniel
    Friends of Julio

  10. Hi, guys, this is Mike from the Santiago hotel and wine experience. I was so sorry to hear (Julio mailed me) of the tragic malfeasance in Bariloche. I am in Puerto Varas, and not far behind you, now. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist you.
    Your experience has me questioning whether I want to go to Bariloche. Should I just go to San Miguel and head north? Shall I come down and help you bide your time with wine?
    Exciting that you are going to experience the 7th Continent. There has been quite a lot of sea ice this year. Palmer Station has been socked in with ice, where normally the waters are clear. I hope that it is wonderful!

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