Route map

In some respects, Adrian and I are different types of travellers… I’m more the rock up on the day and trust that it’ll all work out kinda gal… and Adrian is more of a researcher/planner. Which is a very good thing for this trip, given the distance we’ve got to travel and the limited time we’ve got to travel it in!

For that reason, we (and by ‘we’ I really mean ‘Adrian’) have planned out a rough route… mostly so we can keep an eye on the whole distance/time thing. It’s highly likely we won’t stick to this plan – so view it in that light.

Also, if you’ve got ideas on places on or close to this route that are definitely worth a stop (or are definitely to be missed!!), please contact us and let us know!

So – here’s what we’re currently thinking:

North America

Central America

South America

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