Mud… and bad coffee!

30 July – Day 8

Grand Prarie, Alberta to Jasper, Alberta

Distance: 380kms

We had a late start today because we were tired and then decided to walk to a café for brekky. Although – I don’t think it’s reasonable to call a shop that sells pastries/muffins and warm brown water or super milky drinks with a sniff of coffee in them a café. To me, ‘café’ implies “the coffee here is good.” And I’ve not had a good coffee experience here yet! I am getting close to the point of going coffee-free for the rest of the trip, it’s just too disappointing to see a good looking espresso machine and be all excited… and end up with a limp frothy milkshake.

Close up of back pannier of r1200 GSA covered in mud

Oh so muddy… the back of my motorbike jacket also looks like this!

The roads weren’t very interesting, and we were both looking forward to Jasper!


29 July – Day 7

Fort Nelson, British Columbia to Grande Prairie, Alberta

Distance: 584kms

It rained pretty much all day today! Luckily however, the wet weather gear held up again – and we resolved Adrian’s leaky glove issue, so he also stayed dry. Nothing to report really as we spent most of the day on the bike.