Last day in the US!!

15 August – Day 24

Tucson, Arizona
Distance: 0kms

We had a lovely day in Tucson, café-surfing in the morning, browsing through an organic grocery store (ok, so that was probably more fun for me than for Adrian) and just generally enjoying our last day in the US before crossing over into Mexico. Which we’re doing tomorrow!!

The day concluded with the strangest taxi ride I’ve ever had.

First, the vehicle itself looked like it could fall apart at any moment. Admittedly, in and of itself a rickety taxi is not all that unusual…  I’ve been in some pretty dogey looking cabs in Melbourne! However the state of the vehicle was just the beginning…the real quirkiness got going once we were inside the cab: the cabbie was driving/working with his wife comfortably ensconced in the front passenger seat! Maybe it’s a Tucson thing?! When he first pulled up, we thought he must have been dropping someone off… but he got out of the cab to greet us and tell us to get in… and the woman in the front seat wasn’t going anywhere. He then introduced us to her – she was his wife. He even introduced us to her by name.

Not only was the cabbie’s wife in the front seat; they were having dinner together – Dairy Queen (kind of like McDonalds) – while driving us into town. Literally hoeing into their chips while we were on the go.

Also, it was raining (which is why we were in a cab in the first place) and the driver couldn’t see out of his front windscreen. He (a) nearly hit a pedestrian and (b) practically turned onto the wrong side of the road at a set of traffic lights and (c) had his wife turn on the demister for him.

Finally, neither of the back doors could open from the inside, so the driver got out to let me out, and his wife had to get out to let Adrian out.

It was very strange!

Also – Adrian has now uploaded pictures from Canada and from the USA to our photos page.