A friendly reminder not to drink river water in Nicaragua :)

Adrian looking sick

**Re-creation**Not a depiction of an actual illness**
Clearly I didn’t actually take a photo of Adrian while he was sick – that would be cruel. However once he was feeling better, he kindly agreed to pose for this re-creation of the scene.

17 September – Day 57

Managua, Nicaragua
Distance: 0kms

It is so lovely and relaxing in Salvador and his mother’s home – it’s like being at home. So much so, that we decided to stay here for two nights and just spend today relaxing… particularly after the massive day yesterday, with canyoning in the morning and then not arriving until after dark, we felt we’d earned a day off.

We did make it out of the house briefly and rode to one of the local volcanoes… other than that, we just read and worked on improving our Sudoku times! Gotta exercise the brain somehow..

During the day, we commented on how it was remarkable – and remarkably lucky – that Adrian hadn’t gotten sick from all the river water he’d ingested during our canyoning escapades yesterday. Ha. Famous last words. From early afternoon onwards, he started to go downhill and by about 4pm he was curled up in the foetal position in bed. I’ll spare you the details; suffice to say it involved the expulsion of liquids from every available orifice. Fortunately, this ceased by about 10pm and he was able to get some sleep… and hopefully he’ll be feeling better in the morning!